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Membership period: January 1 - December 31

BroadbandMT represents the locally-owned, rural telecom/broadband providers of Montana.  Our member companies invest over $100 million every year in telecom CAPEX and OPEX, covering 70% of Montana’s geography.  We have over 100 associate members, representing telecom consultants, engineering firms, service providers and product manufacturers.  

Membership Statement: BroadbandMT represents the locally-owned regulated and USF supported rural telecom/broadband providers of Montana in addition to associate member telecom consultants, engineering firms, software service providers, and product manufacturers.  To maximize relevant content and attendee engagement, attendance at the Annual Meeting is exclusive to current Broadband MT members.  Non-members are welcome by invitation, subject to non-member rates and other conditions as appropriate.  The Board of Directors shall have the right to refuse membership to any person, firm, or corporation whose membership the Board, in its sole discretion, shall determine to be not in the best interests of BroadbandMT.

Benefits of Membership:

  • We host two major events every year: the Annual Meeting in August and the Showcase the Wednesday and Thursday following Thanksgiving in Billings that includes a large Trade Show and seminars.  Members receive discounted registration and other privileges. Please click here for more detailed information.

  • Need to advertise for a job?  Members get to post jobs to our website free of charge! Check out our jobs page for more information.  

  • Leadership Opportunities: we have an Associate Member committee which advises the BroadbandMT staff and our Board of Directors. Members of the committee are elected by our associate members.  The Chair of the committee serves as a member of the full board. 

  • Directory Listing: members can log into their accounts to update their directory listing at any time!  Associate members are listed in our directory, which is valuable to all BroadbandMT members and others.  Listings include links to company information and member representatives.  

  • Sponsor your products and services on our website.  Gain additional exposure to BroadbandMT members via the website.  We have several opportunities during our events and otherwise.